Specializing in Mid-Century Modern, Space-Age Plastic and Avant-Garde Design.

Barry Bryant, is the creator and owner of Object Culture. An avid collector of modern design for many years, Barry has collected everything from Fifties Kitsch, Majestic Lamps, Fong Chow Pottery, and Franciscan Starburst China, to 60s Pop. Current interests include Mid-century Classic Designer Furnishings and California design. Barry was an expert contributor on two books, '50s Decor and '60s and '70s Decor published by Martingale & Company.



Barry also runs GOMOD.COM, one of the very first websites devoted to the collecting of Vintage modern Design. the site was launched in 1998 and is currently being revamped.  After over 20 years of practice as a licensed pharmacist, barry has decided to pursue his dream of selling modern design as a full time venture.


 Barry Bryant

 Barry Bryant

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